The Countdown to Christmas

I can only apologise that the “Summer Holidays are coming” post has been up so long that it is now December!!  I am aware the whole website needs some updates and I promise I’m working on it!  Watch this space (but meanwhile Facebook!)
Christmas is such a busy time for everyone – but that doesn’t stop babies arriving!  The groups and classes at The Baby Room are finishing over the next few weeks, with our final Nappuccino on Friday 21st December.   Nappuccino is back as normal on Friday 4th January,  (and Saturccino is on 5th January) and the rest of the classes and groups start up over the next week or two.
If you’re shopping this Christmas don’t forget the lovely shelves we have at The Baby Room.  There’s all sorts of goodies for yourself and your little ones, perfect for little token gifts and stockings.
Firstly we have Christmas cards and advent calendars.  (I know it’s late for advent calendars – but if you’re looking for a paper one, rather than chocolate then these are lovely and the bigger ones can be reused year after year.
For the little ones we have some lovely little bits.  The Usborne books on our shelves are half price, and we also have some brilliant musical instuments from Little Bird Song.  We also have two of the lovely Isara toy slings left.  They are reversible – the Doggy one has a blue owl design on the back, and the guitars has a flamingo design on the other side, so they’re both very gender neutral  We also have lots of baby leg warmers – great for little legs in the sling or while potty learning in the winter!

For those with really little littles there are some lovely baby bits too.  You could treat them to some gorgeous “Slugs N Snails” leggings, or a wooly hat from The Thrifty Stork.  If they are getting to that fiddly, scratchy age then a fiddle necklace can be a great solution, and we also have some great natural wood teethers.   And for breastfeeding Mums we have a few goodies – milestone tokens from “first feed” to “4 years” and everything in between (peer supporter ones are also available).  And we also have our last couple of “Love Liquid Gold” kits – which you can use your own breast milk (or goat milk if you prefer) to make lotion or soap.

And please don’t forget yourself this Christmas – whatever you love, we have something for you.  Local business Soap Daze sells beautiful hand made soaps, face wipes and scrubs (and is the reason The Baby Room always smells so good!).  There are handmade pendants made with beautiful fabric scraps (they do come with a chain), and hanging hearts to make you smile.

And never forget the excellent selection of slings and nappies we stock – a perfect gift for yourself, your baby, or for anyone in your family who is expecting in 2019!!