Get help from Exeter’s Sleep Nanny

Our resident sleep expert!

Louise is a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter too. 

Are you struggling? Not sure what’s happening with your baby/toddler/child and the night time, nocturnal, shenanagans! You’re not alone, Louise has so much experience, not just with her own family but through supporting other families as she helps them work it all out in a kind and caring way

Louise is here for you. She hangs out with us at The Baby Room on a Friday morning so you can meet her and let her explain how she can help you. 

Her services range from clinics, masterclasses, courses, private one to one sessions and calls.  

There’s no ‘cry it out’ no rigid routines and no stress she’s a myth busting ninja, here to challenge our preconceptions of sleep and how we see it. I’ve learned so much just from hanging out with her. 

It’s time to invest in you and your family. 

SLeep Clinics with Louise

Drop in on Friday morning to chat to her!