New Dads

Dads need a group too!

This is a social Peer to Peer run group, it’s a ‘no agenda’ hands off safe space where you can chat to other blokes about what it’s like to welcome a new person to the planet!

I’ve earwigged a few times to check they are all ok, I know they get to know each other and conversations get going and the feedback is always positive.

There is always Tea, Coffee and cake (a group’s not a group without cake!) 

Partners can come and hang out downstairs in the shop, hit the shops, go for a haircut, a swim or just stay at home – whatever you are comfortable with. 

We love to have prewalking babies, once you’re on the move good and proper you can graduate to our other Dads group in Belmont Park on the 2nd Saturday run by Steve. 

No need to book.


First Saturday of each month

10am til 12 noon. £3 per Dad