Experience and learn baby yoga & massage with Jo.

There are so many benefits to Baby Massage, from the basics of relieving wind and colic to the more intricate oxytocin release for you both. 

Jo is trained in massage for mental health and is so experienced in guiding you through the restful class.

Visit Jo’s website: www.babyandyoudevon.co.uk

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga with Jo Tasker

Massage – Monday 10:00 & 11.30
Yoga – Monday 13:00

Jo Tasker holding her demo baby

Hi, I am Jo and I run nurturing baby classes in Exeter for you and your pre-walking little one. 

Classes include baby massage, baby yoga, bath babies, tummy time and mindful sensory play. 

All of my classes are designed to benefit both you and your baby because YOU are all your baby needs, 

My classes are super chilled and involve connection, love and nurturing touch. 

With every booking you will receive a discounted massage with me for mum, massage oil, demonstration videos, a keepsake, the option of connecting in a WhatsApp group and a hot drink and biscuit. 


Baby Massage

Sessions include learning the baby massage routine and meeting other new mums in a relaxed and supportive environment. Come as you are – you are enough – it’s an opportunity to connect and chat through the joys and challenges of becoming a new parent.

The benefits of baby massage

  • Enhances bonding and connection with your child
  • Enables you to understand your baby’s non verbal communication
  • Relieves symptoms of colic, gas and constipation
  • Helps regulate and strengthen digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Leads to more sleep
  • Love hormone Oxytocin is released for you and your baby by touch
  • Both you and your baby feel calm, reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure and promotes relaxation. 

These sessions are recommended for 8 week to pre-crawling babies although if you are super keen to get out of the house and meet other parents then feel free to book on – new-borns are welcome. Babies tend to be more awake for the session from 8 weeks.

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There is a baby in a bath smiling at the Dad

Budding Babies

Join us for our unique baby class combining elements from all the classes I’m qualified to teach – including:

  • Baby Yoga – learning baby yoga moves to help baby with mental and physical development and interactive play with swings, dips and parachute play
  • Tummy Time
  • Sensory Play
  • Water Play – mindful sensory experience from their own little bath, finished off with a baby massage once snuggled in their towel.
  • Craft – two printed photos of you and your baby, a painted footprint and an airdrying clay footprint

Budding Babies creates a wonderful, mindful experience for you and your baby.

Each class includes a keepsake, connection and chat, a cuppa and biccie, tips and tricks, bonding and more! 

Budding Babies for 8 week to pre crawling
Bigger Budding Babies – for more mobile (pre walking) babies.


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Jo is an approved OT provider