Breast Pump Hire

At The Baby Room we look after Exeter’s breastpumps. We use the Ardo pumps, same as they use at the Center for Women’s Health, they come with a sterile pump set and are a closed system so they are perfect for us to hire out without any risk of contamination from Mum to Mum.

Pumps are £20 for a month.

Message us via the contact page to hire one.

Breastfeeding support.

Exeter has 91 volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporters, we are an army of helpful mums, some of us hang out at Nappuccino, some at Cranbabies and some in our helpful Facebook page. 

We are not medically trained but have all breastfeed our own children, had some training and get regular updates from Healthy Babies UK or Devon County Councils infant feeding team. 

If you need help, please arrange to come to a Nappuccino event (just check the calendar for dates) or Cranbabies at The Grange Court Hotel. Look our for peer supporters, we wear badges with ‘Ask me about Breastfeeding’ so please do ASK!

All about pumps

It costs £20 to borrow the pump for up to a month (£10 per month thereafter)

Our pumps are Ardo Calypso pumps, Ardo are a local company based in Tiverton. 

The pumps come with a mains power plug, we do not supply batteries but they can be used if you need to. 

Each mum has her own sterile feeding set which is sealed and for her use only. Instructions and video’s on how to use the pumps are available and Peer Supporters are here to show you how too. 

Our Facebook group Exeter Breastfeeding Mums is here for you 24/7 for any questions.