Active Birth Yoga classes

Empowering, supportive, maternal, loving and inspirational! 

‘I don’t think I could give birth without this class!’ 

‘I look forward to this all week – a precious time to connect with my inner self and my unborn baby’

Are you physically ready for birth? Need to focus on your body not just on the information needed. These classes are vital when it comes to preparing your body and mind. Our Birthwise ladies are so knowledgeable, experienced and supportive. The classes are a mixture of gentle yoga, breath work, relaxation and discussion. 

Patricia and Karin also provide couples birth preparation workshops, mother and baby yoga, doula services, placenta encapsulation and bodywork therapies.

We have a massage couch here at The Baby Room and both Patricia and Karin use it during their classes. 

The classes are during the early evening upstairs in our studio. Check out these ladies using our ballet barre, we also have yoga mats, birth balls, blankets, pillows and yoga blocks. You just need to come in comfy clothes. 

During your class please browse the preloved maternity clothes. We have an extensive library of pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting books, dvd’s and magazines, you can borrow anything for £1 – all funds go into running our venue.

Booking is essential. Please head to the Birthwise website to reserve your spot.



Birthwise with Patricia and Karin

Monday and Thursday Evenings