Nappuccino is the ultimate baby group.  Friendly and informal, with tea, coffee and home baking every week.

What can I expect?

A warm welcome! Tea and cake, loads of natter and a chance to make some new friends…

Jen has all the nappy know how, she will show you how! feel free to ask as many questions as you need, you can take a free trial home to try out cloth nappies if you like.  She also has lots of gorgeous nappies and accessories for sale right here in The Baby Room.

Gill, meanwhile, presides over the sling corner, and can help you to fit and use the right carrier for you and your baby or toddler. These are available to hire so you can take them home and try them, and (depending on the brand) she also has some available to buy.

Both Jen and Gill are experienced breastfeeding peer supporters, but as we are often busy with slings and nappies we try to make sure we have at least one other peer supporter at each group in case anyone needs some feeding support.


Drop in is back! 
Wednesday – 9am til 3.30pm 

A little history!

‘Nappy Jen’ founded Nappuccino in Exeter in 2008 (so we must be due a birthday party soon!!).  

Originally it was a monthly group at Heavitree Scout Hut.  Exeter Sling Library became a regular guest in 2012.  In 2014 we increased to twice a month, then thrice. In 2016 we went weekly. We moved to Ladysmith for 5 years and now (October 2022) we are on Paris St and have a whole huge building to ourselves! 

Now we are in the city centre we are easier to find, we can help more people more of the time. We can offer breastfeeding, nappy and sling support Monday to Saturday 9.30-4. How amazing to be able to tell you this! It’s been a dream of ours for ages. 


YES!!!  We all have our own parenting journey and The Baby Room is a safe, judgement free space.

YES!  We love to meet bumps and parents-to-be and are always happy to chat about slings and nappies and breastfeeding in advance of their arrival.  You might also want to find out about The Pudding Club

YES! We love to meet families as a team.

YES! We are now over two floors. The upstairs studio room is pretty bomb proof. We have stair gates and the tempting shelves are in a different room. Nappuccino on a Wednesday is still a ‘new’ baby group though and we urge you to remember how it feels to have a tiny baby when a crawling giant wants to poke your eyes and stick fingers up your new baby’s nose.  That said…please bring your preschooler (and their lunch/iPad/toy) if you need help with your newborn. 

Yes and No…
No – Each day we are open 9.30am-4pm you can just turn up and enjoy the sofas, drink your bodyweight in tea and get breastfeeding support, sling and nappy help, we ask for £3 donation on a Wednesday when we have our official Nappuccino group, we take over the whole building, serve soup in the winter and take over the studio too. 

Yes – If you’re looking for a class to learn baby massage, Sing and Sign or yoga then yes you need to book, each teacher has a link on the calendar and will want to know how many are coming to manage numbers.

please note we close at 4pm, so please don’t rock up at ten to expecting a full demo! xx

We encourage you to come by bus, train or walk. But here are our detailed directions on where to leave the car. If you want to drop off a heavy something, get collected by a family member there is a loading bay behind the shop on Bude st our postcode is EX1 2JB.