This is our chance to kick back, enjoy The Baby Room, do a bit of shopping and enjoy a glass of something nice.

We love to reconnect with people who have come through The Baby Room. As your babies get older we can’t occupy them at a Nappuccino, we are sad to see you go – so come to a Nappuvino and stay in touch. We gather together, set the world to rights and have a laugh, all without our kids! Our community here at The Baby Room is more than just about the space, we have made firm friends here, we support each other through tough times and I personally have really missed Nappuvino during 2020/1. If you’re feeling lonely or in need of a laugh or a hug or a good rant then this is the group for you!

It’s £2pp, book your slot here…. bring a bottle (not milk!) and I’ll provide snacks.