Coming Soon – Baby Reflexology

On Monday after half term (Monday 4th June) we are excited to welcome a new class to The Baby Room.  Kim Allen is running a birth to preschool reflexology class. Reflexology is a wonderful way to bond with your child and can be another tool to use for helping a baby who struggles with anything […]

Post Partum Healing Event!!

Don’t miss Wendy’s Talk on Thursday 17th May!  Book your tickets NOW! Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy.  You grow a whole new internal organ (the placenta), You grow a whole new person!  Your body is awash with hormones and chemicals in different quantities than “normal”, all designed to grow and nourish your […]

Sling and Nappy Sale

This week is Real Nappy Week!  It’s all about helping you make the changes to cloth nappies and learn a bit more about them.  We have our usual sessions at The Baby Room – Nappuccino on Wednesday 9.30-2 and Friday 12-2.30 plus the NCT group (non NCT members also welcome) on Thursday from 1-2.30.  The […]

Spring Clothes Swap

We have occasional events in the evenings at The Baby Room, and this Thursday (19th April) is one of our very favourites – a ladies clothes swap!                 Come and refresh your wardrobe for £5! Start off the Spring with some fab new threads. £5 entrance fee, to […]