Post Partum Healing Event!!

Don’t miss Wendy’s Talk on Thursday 17th May!  Book your tickets NOW!

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy.  You grow a whole new internal organ (the placenta), You grow a whole new person!  Your body is awash with hormones and chemicals in different quantities than “normal”, all designed to grow and nourish your pregnancy and prepare for birth and feeding that baby when they are born.  Your ribs and pelvis expand to make room,  Your other organs are pushed out of the way.  You have increased blood flow,  Your muscles stretch and work.  It is amazing – marvel at this, your body is incredible!

But of course, along with the miracle of this amazing adaptability comes some, less pleasant impacts – breathlessness because your lungs are squished.  Acid reflux because your stomach is squished.  Pelvic girdle pain and more vulnerability to joint injuries because the relaxin that makes things looser so you can grow and birth your baby also makes things loose generally.  The muscles of your abdomen and pelvic floor are stretched and under pressure and sometimes damaged.   This is all normal, but that doesn’t mean its fun.
Physically recovery is so varied.  It is very normal to be left with problems such as bladder control issues and abdominal separation, but that doesn’t mean its OK to suffer.  Wendy Goldthorp runs the FIT Movement and has sessions here at The Baby Room (and also Heavitree Park) on Tuesdays.  She is trained in pre and post natal fitness and is passionate about helping women get and stay fit SAFELY during these times of change in our bodies.

This Thursday (May 17th) she is holding an evening talk at The Baby Room called  “Healing Your Abdominal Separation & Pelvic Floor After Pregnancy”.   This is a great chance to meet Wendy, and learn more about your body and healing.  You can book tickets here: or contact Wendy at or on her Facebook Page.