Pudding Club this Thursday!

    One of the wonderful things about having our own venue is the ability to hold extra events.  The Pudding Club is one of these.  The Pudding Club is a special antenatal class devised by Jen and Gill.  We know that conventional antenatal classes and programmes are often geared towards preparing for labour and […]

Coming Soon – Baby Reflexology

On Monday after half term (Monday 4th June) we are excited to welcome a new class to The Baby Room.  Kim Allen is running a birth to preschool reflexology class. Reflexology is a wonderful way to bond with your child and can be another tool to use for helping a baby who struggles with anything […]

Post Partum Healing Event!!

Don’t miss Wendy’s Talk on Thursday 17th May!  Book your tickets NOW! Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy.  You grow a whole new internal organ (the placenta), You grow a whole new person!  Your body is awash with hormones and chemicals in different quantities than “normal”, all designed to grow and nourish your […]

Sling and Nappy Sale

This week is Real Nappy Week!  It’s all about helping you make the changes to cloth nappies and learn a bit more about them.  We have our usual sessions at The Baby Room – Nappuccino on Wednesday 9.30-2 and Friday 12-2.30 plus the NCT group (non NCT members also welcome) on Thursday from 1-2.30.  The […]

Spring Clothes Swap

We have occasional events in the evenings at The Baby Room, and this Thursday (19th April) is one of our very favourites – a ladies clothes swap!                 Come and refresh your wardrobe for £5! Start off the Spring with some fab new threads. £5 entrance fee, to […]

Spring at the Baby Room

                      It’s spring!  The Equinox has passed, the nights are getting shorter, the days are getting longer, and here is a photo of The Baby Room two days ago to prove it!! Jen and Gill both live within walking distance, but we also have school […]