Find Us

The Baby Room is in one of the buildings at Ladysmith Infant School (in the building which used to be Heavitree and Polsloe Children’s Centre).  (You can zoom in on the map)


During Term Time:  Ring the buzzer on the main gate on Ladysmith Road.  The school receptionist will answer, explain you are attending an event or class at The Baby Room and they will buzz you in.

There are two gates.  The main gate (pictures one and two) on the street is for use during term time and school hours.  The second gate on the top corner of Ladysmith Road and Pretoria Road is kept locked during term time and school hours (except when opened for parents at school run times.)  However, this is the gate that will be unlocked outside school hours and during school holidays.













See the intercom on the main gate – ring the buzzer and say you’re here for The Baby Room.  No answer?  Try again. Still no answer?  Is it holiday times or outside school hours?  Try the the top gate on the corner of Pretoria Road.

Once through the gate walk down the slope and across the playground to the buildings ahead and to the right.  Up the slope and round the corner to the red doors.  You’re there!  In the red door and The Baby Room is on the left.  Our accessible toilet and baby changing are straight ahead.












Time to go home?  Use the gate you came in through.  If you were buzzed in you will need to press the release button.  Thank you for visiting!!