Perinatal Pod - Rebecca Rees

Perinatal Pod

Brand new to The Baby Room, these weekly Thursday morning get together sessions will sprinkle some ‘Montessori Magic’ into The Baby Room, Rebecca Rees is the host for these brilliant and unique sessions for new parents keen to get support and to find out more.

At each session there will be a topic, discussion and a chance to chat it through. We will have special guests and well being experts popping in to host a ‘spot’, these specialists are truly the best in their field and we are really excited about being able to introduce them to you in this fabulous space. 

You’ll learn about Matrescence, The Fourth Trimester and the Power of Prescence…. not sure what these words mean? Come and find out in a gentle and caring space.

Rebecca is a AMI Montessori teacher, she spent seven years in California teaching this holistic method before returning to the UK and becoming ‘Head of School’ in North London, we are very pleased to have her here at The Baby Room. 

There are 8 spaces at each session, the room is well ventilated, laid out safely and has plenty of space.

10-11.45 each Thursday.   Please book here.