Postnatal Pilates





On Mondays at 1.30 Annette holds a Postnatal Pilates for Mothers (and Babies) class.
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Tel: 07598120515

£6.50 bring a mat, small towel and water

The benefits of doing Pilates postnatally are huge. In the 9 months of carrying your baby your body has changed and it can take another 9 months for your body to return to normal. Once you have had your 6 weeks check up and are allowed to exercises gently again, Pilates is a great way of re-educating your posture and re-aligning your joints. Looking after baby involves bending, lifting and twisting and may put strain on your joints, whilst feeding your baby your neck and upper shoulders are going to still be affected by the weight of the breasts and by sitting for long periods feeding. Pilates exercises will open up your upper body, release tension and work on upper body strength. The rest of your body may also show the after-effects of the pregnancy – thicker waist, softer thighs and bottom. Pilates exercises can help. Ligamentous laxity can continue to affect your joints for months after the birth and longer if you are feeding. We need to be careful to avoid overstretching joints and focus on spinal and pelvic stability exercises. Abdominal muscles will have stretched and separated to accommodate the growing baby. In most cases the two sides come together again after 6 weeks but sometimes it takes longer (Diastasis Recti) . Abdominal muscles play an important role in the stability of your pelvis and spine and in good movement and posture. Pilates exercises will help to get you back into shape.

Pilates exercise programme for post natal mums will be a gentle but progressive approach to exercise. It is important to remember that whilst your body is recovering aerobic exercise and running is not advisable.

I am a Body Control Pilates matwork teacher who has specialised in both Pilates for Pregnancy and Post natal Pilates.