We’re proud to announce that recently we’ve won a couple of prizes at the Baby Room!  The Green Vase was presented to Jen in March.  It is a Recycle Devon Thank You Award for the category Local Recycling Hero.  She was nominated by lots of you for her sterling work in the community talking about rubbish!  Jen can tell you about composting, recycling, reducing food waste, and making small changes that make a big difference. (And of course cloth nappies!!)  Her family of four throw away just one large crisp packet of rubbish in their black bin every two weeks!  While that amount of rubbish can feel impossible when you are currently putting out two or three black bags you may be surprised how much you can reduce your waste.  Check out this Devon Live article about Jen and her family, and take a look at the Zero Waste in Exeter, local Freecycle, and Compost Connections Facebook groups for more ideas.

Our second prize was especially for us as a venue.  We won a Feed with Confidence Award, which is very beautiful and a bit tricky to photograph!  This acknowledges the hard work of our breastfeeding peer supporters and ourselves Jen and Gill for creating a lovely, friendly and safe space here at The Baby Room to feed your babies.  And of course massive acknowledgement must go to the hard work and determination of you Exeter breastfeeding mummies – you couldn’t do it without YOU and never forget that!!  Jen and Gill are both breastfeeding peer supporters and we usually have one or two others by our side at the Nappuccino Groups so never be afraid to ask for support!

Pudding Club this Thursday!



One of the wonderful things about having our own venue is the ability to hold extra events.  The Pudding Club is one of these.  The Pudding Club is a special antenatal class devised by Jen and Gill.  We know that conventional antenatal classes and programmes are often geared towards preparing for labour and delivery, so we don’t spend much time talking about birth.  What we are interested in is what happens next.


After all these months of growing and preparing you suddenly have a whole new person to get to know.  And no one warned you they would have opinions!


At the Pudding Club we talk a lot about normal newborn behaviour and what to expect from your little one.  Jen will give a run through nappy demos including different types of nappy and how to use them, and some useful tips on routines and methods.  Gill will show you a variety of different slings and some tips on how/when to use them.  We also chat about breastfeeding and will answer your questions as best we can on all these subjects.


But I nearly forgot the most important part!!   To help sustain us all through the evening – we will bring a selection of homemade desserts to enjoy while we chat!


We welcome couples for £20 or individuals for £12.50.  If you’d like to come along message us here, and we’ll look forward to seeing you this Thursday (14th June) at 7pm.

Coming Soon – Baby Reflexology

On Monday after half term (Monday 4th June) we are excited to welcome a new class to The Baby Room.  Kim Allen is running a birth to preschool reflexology class.

Reflexology is a wonderful way to bond with your child and can be another tool to use for helping a baby who struggles with anything from allergies and digestive issues to colic to teething to stress or anxiety.  The course is designed to teach you and give you confidence to help your child at home, and follows the wonderful book The Mouse’s House (which you receive a copy of as part of your course fees).

If you’re interested in booking a place or want to find out more please contact Kim via


Tel: 07875217634

Post Partum Healing Event!!

Don’t miss Wendy’s Talk on Thursday 17th May!  Book your tickets NOW!

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy.  You grow a whole new internal organ (the placenta), You grow a whole new person!  Your body is awash with hormones and chemicals in different quantities than “normal”, all designed to grow and nourish your pregnancy and prepare for birth and feeding that baby when they are born.  Your ribs and pelvis expand to make room,  Your other organs are pushed out of the way.  You have increased blood flow,  Your muscles stretch and work.  It is amazing – marvel at this, your body is incredible!

But of course, along with the miracle of this amazing adaptability comes some, less pleasant impacts – breathlessness because your lungs are squished.  Acid reflux because your stomach is squished.  Pelvic girdle pain and more vulnerability to joint injuries because the relaxin that makes things looser so you can grow and birth your baby also makes things loose generally.  The muscles of your abdomen and pelvic floor are stretched and under pressure and sometimes damaged.   This is all normal, but that doesn’t mean its fun.

Physically recovery is so varied.  It is very normal to be left with problems such as bladder control issues and abdominal separation, but that doesn’t mean its OK to suffer.  Wendy Goldthorp runs the FIT Movement and has sessions here at The Baby Room (and also Heavitree Park) on Tuesdays.  She is trained in pre and post natal fitness and is passionate about helping women get and stay fit SAFELY during these times of change in our bodies.

This Thursday (May 17th) she is holding an evening talk at The Baby Room called  “Healing Your Abdominal Separation & Pelvic Floor After Pregnancy”.   This is a great chance to meet Wendy, and learn more about your body and healing.  You can book tickets here: or contact Wendy at or on her Facebook Page.

Sling and Nappy Sale

This week is Real Nappy Week!  It’s all about helping you make the changes to cloth nappies and learn a bit more about them.  We have our usual sessions at The Baby Room – Nappuccino on Wednesday 9.30-2 and Friday 12-2.30 plus the NCT group (non NCT members also welcome) on Thursday from 1-2.30.  The highlight of the week will be the secondhand sling and nappy sale on Saturday from 10-12.









To Buy:  Come along to The Baby Room between 10 and 12.  Pay £1 on the door and get shopping!  Have a cup of tea or coffee and keep shopping!  Jen will be on hand to give nappy advice, and Gill for sling advice.  When you’re ready to go head for the till and pay!  Cash only please so come prepared!

To Sell:  Bring your items to The Baby Room at 9.00 am (or bring to any of our groups on Wednesday 9.30-2, Thursday 1-2.30 or Friday 12-2.30).  Label them clearly (stickers are easiest) with your name, description of item including brand/size etc, price.  (Please also mention any faults, particularly if it might not be obvious at first glance)
EG:  Gill Travis, Size 6  Didymos Woven Wrap, £60, small pull in taper, cosmetic only
Jen Harris, One Size Stuffable Nappy £5

Come back at 12 to collect your remaining items and your cash!  We ask sellers to make a donation to The Baby Room from their takings (suggested donation 10%, more always welcome!)   If you choose to you may donate your remaining items to us.  We will sort through what is left with us, and depending on the condition we may keep it for future sales, absorb into trial kits or library, donate to other charities or recycle.  But one way or another it will not be wasted!!

Spring Clothes Swap

We have occasional events in the evenings at The Baby Room, and this Thursday (19th April) is one of our very favourites – a ladies clothes swap!









Come and refresh your wardrobe for £5! Start off the Spring with some fab new threads.

£5 entrance fee, to include a glass of wine and nibbles! Tickets are available on the door, cash only. 40 people MAX.

Clothes must be…
1, ON A HANGER – including trousers.
2, Clean
3, Nice, no tatty worn out bobbly things please
4, On season – Spring/Summer
5, No underwear, maternity or nursing clothes.  (Don’t worry, we have maternity sale coming up in June, watch this space)

How it works…
Count how many items you want to swap (max 15)
I’ll give you swing tickets, you write your name on them.
Hang your clothes on the rails in the right places. Keep your tickets with you.
Chill….nibble, natter and generally enjoy!
At 8 you can try on and choose wihich bits you like.
Put your ticket on the hanger of the thing you like and return it to the rail for others to try on.

At 9.30 anything with 2 or more tickets will be auctioned off, (beware this gets VERY exciting) everything starts at 50p.
NO hanging onto things – play fair.

Have fun! Invite your friends……bring cash (and a bottle if you feel super generous!)


Spring at the Baby Room












It’s spring!  The Equinox has passed, the nights are getting shorter, the days are getting longer, and here is a photo of The Baby Room two days ago to prove it!!

Jen and Gill both live within walking distance, but we also have school aged children.   As much as possible we will keep calm and carry on, whatever the weather, but if we do need to cancel or postpone sessions we will always post on our Facebook page and try to let you know.

We’re really hoping that Spring is coming soon!