Cloth Nappies in Exeter

Jen Harris is an inspiration to many.  She founded Nappuccino in 2008 when her oldest was a baby and has been running this amazing group ever since.  She has a selection of Cloth Nappy Trial Kits available to borrow  and will show you how to use them.  These kits will help you figure out which nappies work for you and your family and will also give you a few weeks without needing to pay for disposables – therefore saving some money for the outlay of converting to Cloth.  She also sells everything you will need from her shop at The Baby Room.  To find out more (including cloth nappy videos, hints and tricks) visit her website Exeter Babies  or email her at Jen is also passionate about saving the environment (and money!) in other ways and is always happy to talk about how you can reduce your food waste, start composting or go zero-waste.

I should probably post pictures of Jen herself, but can’t resist these pictures of her girls when they were younger!