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Expectant Parent Event

If you are expecting a baby in Exeter or surrounding areas then you need to know about the wonderful Expectant Parent Event coming up on Sunday 19 January.   A wonderful team of local businesses have organised the event, which will be at The Buckerell Lodge Hotel from 10am-1pm.  Tickets are £3.50 to include cake and a cuppa.

If you’re interested in coming do visit our event page on Facebook where you can also buy your tickets.


Book on to Pudding Club

Its that time again  – Jen and Gill’s next Pudding Club workshop is next Tuesday, 21st May, and after that on Tuesday 16th July.  Pregnant couples and individuals are invited to come along to The Baby Room for an evening to learn all about what to expect from your little person.   We open at 7pm to meet and chat with the workshop starting 7.30pm

Subjects covered include:  Normal Newborn Behaviour
Slings and Carriers and how they can save your sanity!
Cloth nappies and wipes and how they can save the world!

To keep you going during the evening we will supply a selection of homemade desserts and puddings!

Cost: £15 for an individual, £25 for a couple.

Please complete the form below to book your place, you can pay on the night via cash or card.


Time for Pudding!!

Pudding Club is coming round again!!

On Thursday 21st March we have our next Pudding Club Workshop.  This is a regular event at The Baby Room and one Jen and Gill love running.

We invite expectant parents to come along to learn all about cloth nappies, slings and carriers, normal newborn behaviour, breastfeeding and more!  To keep you going while we bombard you with information we have a selection of homemade desserts and puddings (previous puddings have included:  macarons, strawberry gateau, chocolate cheesecake, merigue roulade, chocolate torte, tarte au citron, poached pears, stewed rhubard, hot fruit crumble and others!)  We always have at least three or four to choose from, and as long as we have notice will cater to allergies etc.

So come along, for a wonderful evening to fill you with information and desserts!!

The event costs £15 for an individual or £25 for a couple.  If you’re interested in booking a place please follow this link:

(NOT) Coming to St Thomas!

**Update from late March 2019**
Sadly, despite ours and Action for Children’s (who run the Children’s Centre) wishes we have lost our venue as West Exe Nursery are unable to accommodate us.  Therefore we are no longer able to offer this group and support in St Thomas at the moment.  If you have suggestions for an amazing central venue in St Thomas do contact us and we may look at returning.  In the meantime if you need breastfeeding support there is a West of Exe Breastfeeding Support Group at St Thomas Tots, on Thursdays from 9.30-11 in the St Thomas Centre, and you can always find Gill and Jen at The Baby Room on Wednesdays 9.30-2.30  and Fridays 12-2.30 (the A bus from St Thomas is just a short walk).

(Photo credit to the wonderful Paula Fernley – please check out her website if you are looking for baby photos).

We have been talking about it for a long time, and we are so pleased to announce that Nappuccino is coming to St Thomas!

Following lengthy talks with Children’s Centre, Devon County Council, Commissioners and anyone else who wanted to chip in we will be running the group at The Hall in West Exe Children’s Centre on Cowick Street.

Breastfeeding support from trained peer supporters, sling and nappy advice from Gillian Travis and Jen Harris. Breastpump hire too!!

Tea and cake, listening ears and a warm welcome!.

Jen and Gill are still based at The Baby Room, so we will be bringing a small selection of slings and nappies.  If you are hoping for us to bring anything in particular please let us know in advance!

The group will run on Fridays from 9.30-11.30am (then we will be dashing across town to do Nappuccino in The Baby Room from 12.00-2.30 – no rest for us!)

The Countdown to Christmas

I can only apologise that the “Summer Holidays are coming” post has been up so long that it is now December!!  I am aware the whole website needs some updates and I promise I’m working on it!  Watch this space (but meanwhile Facebook!)

Christmas is such a busy time for everyone – but that doesn’t stop babies arriving!  The groups and classes at The Baby Room are finishing over the next few weeks, with our final Nappuccino on Friday 21st December.   Nappuccino is back as normal on Friday 4th January,  (and Saturccino is on 5th January) and the rest of the classes and groups start up over the next week or two.

If you’re shopping this Christmas don’t forget the lovely shelves we have at The Baby Room.  There’s all sorts of goodies for yourself and your little ones, perfect for little token gifts and stockings.

Firstly we have Christmas cards and advent calendars.  (I know it’s late for advent calendars – but if you’re looking for a paper one, rather than chocolate then these are lovely and the bigger ones can be reused year after year.






For the little ones we have some lovely little bits.  The Usborne books on our shelves are half price, and we also have some brilliant musical instuments from Little Bird Song.  We also have two of the lovely Isara toy slings left.  They are reversible – the Doggy one has a blue owl design on the back, and the guitars has a flamingo design on the other side, so they’re both very gender neutral  We also have lots of baby leg warmers – great for little legs in the sling or while potty learning in the winter!






















For those with really little littles there are some lovely baby bits too.  You could treat them to some gorgeous “Slugs N Snails” leggings, or a wooly hat from The Thrifty Stork.  If they are getting to that fiddly, scratchy age then a fiddle necklace can be a great solution, and we also have some great natural wood teethers.   And for breastfeeding Mums we have a few goodies – milestone tokens from “first feed” to “4 years” and everything in between (peer supporter ones are also available).  And we also have our last couple of “Love Liquid Gold” kits – which you can use your own breast milk (or goat milk if you prefer) to make lotion or soap.

















And please don’t forget yourself this Christmas – whatever you love, we have something for you.  Local business Soap Daze sells beautiful hand made soaps, face wipes and scrubs (and is the reason The Baby Room always smells so good!).  There are handmade pendants made with beautiful fabric scraps (they do come with a chain), and hanging hearts to make you smile.












And never forget the excellent selection of slings and nappies we stock – a perfect gift for yourself, your baby, or for anyone in your family who is expecting in 2019!!












We’re proud to announce that recently we’ve won a couple of prizes at the Baby Room!  The Green Vase was presented to Jen in March.  It is a Recycle Devon Thank You Award for the category Local Recycling Hero.  She was nominated by lots of you for her sterling work in the community talking about rubbish!  Jen can tell you about composting, recycling, reducing food waste, and making small changes that make a big difference. (And of course cloth nappies!!)  Her family of four throw away just one large crisp packet of rubbish in their black bin every two weeks!  While that amount of rubbish can feel impossible when you are currently putting out two or three black bags you may be surprised how much you can reduce your waste.  Check out this Devon Live article about Jen and her family, and take a look at the Zero Waste in Exeter, local Freecycle, and Compost Connections Facebook groups for more ideas.

Our second prize was especially for us as a venue.  We won a Feed with Confidence Award, which is very beautiful and a bit tricky to photograph!  This acknowledges the hard work of our breastfeeding peer supporters and ourselves Jen and Gill for creating a lovely, friendly and safe space here at The Baby Room to feed your babies.  And of course massive acknowledgement must go to the hard work and determination of you Exeter breastfeeding mummies – you couldn’t do it without YOU and never forget that!!  Jen and Gill are both breastfeeding peer supporters and we usually have one or two others by our side at the Nappuccino Groups so never be afraid to ask for support!

Pudding Club this Thursday!



One of the wonderful things about having our own venue is the ability to hold extra events.  The Pudding Club is one of these.  The Pudding Club is a special antenatal class devised by Jen and Gill.  We know that conventional antenatal classes and programmes are often geared towards preparing for labour and delivery, so we don’t spend much time talking about birth.  What we are interested in is what happens next.


After all these months of growing and preparing you suddenly have a whole new person to get to know.  And no one warned you they would have opinions!


At the Pudding Club we talk a lot about normal newborn behaviour and what to expect from your little one.  Jen will give a run through nappy demos including different types of nappy and how to use them, and some useful tips on routines and methods.  Gill will show you a variety of different slings and some tips on how/when to use them.  We also chat about breastfeeding and will answer your questions as best we can on all these subjects.


But I nearly forgot the most important part!!   To help sustain us all through the evening – we will bring a selection of homemade desserts to enjoy while we chat!


We welcome couples for £20 or individuals for £12.50.  If you’d like to come along message us here, and we’ll look forward to seeing you this Thursday (14th June) at 7pm.