Baby Massage

On Tuesday mornings in the Baby Room we have Baby Massage courses with Clare Lowing.

The five week courses run on Tuesdays and need to be booked in advance.  Clare breaks over summer but runs most of the year!  Once a month she also holds a Mums group which is a lovely way to reconnect with friends you met during the course.

Contact Clare to find out the dates of the next courses and how to book.




Relax: Parent and baby practice relaxation; babies often sleep well after a massage.


Relieve: Parents report that massaging their babies helps relieve colic, wind and constipation.


Relate: Massage is the perfect medium to get to know one another through loving touch.


Clare says: Supporting new parents in the early days is one of my passions. As a new parent, I know that life can sometimes be overwhelming. Here is why I think my Baby Massage courses are so special:

What we aim for on our five week courses is not only to teach you a life-long skill that will benefit your whole family but also create a community of mothers (and fathers) with shared experiences. The groups are small, with up to eight families. I bring years of experience not only in running courses in Baby Massage and Music, Massage and Movement but also in facilitating birth and parenting groups. I’ve got access to the latest information and advice on topics such as weaning and bed sharing but more importantly I aim to create a space where parents can feel truly listened to.

I’m really excited about these new courses at The Baby Room as I will be able to offer ongoing, pay as you go sessions at the end of the five weeks, in response to those parents who have so valued the course they literally don’t want it to end!

What do the parents say?

“This was probably the best thing I did with my son as a baby. Not only did I learn massage techniques to help with sleep and other issues but it was also one of the best therapy sessions for a new mum! I met a great group of liked minded mums and we are still all close today. Clare was great and so helpful and had lots of tips and advice to help in those early days. A brilliant class and well worth doing.”

“The colic relief routine saved my life!”



  • What if I can’t make one of the sessions?

The massage is repeated at every session and your folder contains detailed diagrams of the massage strokes covered. You will also have access to the book Infant Massage; A Handbook for Loving Parents. Plus, parents are welcome to return to any sessions on future courses free of charge.


  • What if I need to feed my baby?

The room is set up for your comfort while feeding and there are facilities to warm bottles. You are welcome to arrive 10 minutes before the start if you wish to feed. The sessions are completely baby-led so if all the babies need a feed at the start we’ll begin with our coffee and chat rather than finish with it.


  • What if my baby sleeps during the course?

You will be able to massage one of my ‘massage doll’ while your baby sleeps. It would be a rare session where all the babies showed signs they were ready for massage at the same time. The sessions are relaxed and baby-led.


  • What if my baby cries?

We will acknowledge and welcome your baby’s communication. We are always happy to listen to what the babies are telling us. Crying during the massage may help your baby to release tension. You can stop the massage any time and listen to or answer your baby’s needs.


  • What age should I bring my baby?

Babies are welcome from birth up until before they start crawling and parents can massage their baby at any age. However, when parents wait until their babies are a few weeks old they find they are more likely to be awake during the session.

I suggest that parents don’t expect to massage their baby during the session. The session is for learning the massage, which you can practice on my dolls and it is a bonus if your baby is happy to receive massage at that time!

One advantage of coming when your baby is younger is you can learn skills to help with colic (which they grow out of by 3 months) and, even more importantly you get to meet other parents and build a support network.


  • My baby has special needs, can I join the course?

You and your baby are very welcome. We will work with you to adjust the massage for your situation and your baby’s needs.


  • I’ve got twins, can I join the course?

You will be very welcome and you may bring a friend or partner if you wish.


  • May I bring my partner?

Yes – partners or your mums, sister or friend are very welcome and can also attend in your place.


  • What should I wear?

We advise you to dress in layers as the room will be warm enough for the babies to be undressed. Loose, casual clothes, so that you can sit comfortably on the floor, are ideal.


  • What do I need to bring?

Please bring a couple of towels and some oil for massage. I can send you information on the latest research on oils for massage.